To Train Up A Child

Using Child Care For Development

Is your child now ready to go to a separate facility where they can learn and interact with people their own age? Do you have to pick a good place for them to do this or are you just wishing it happens on its own?


You have to get the facility ready for them and find people who do a good job. When you pick the right facility, the child will be able to develop at a great speed. They will also feel great about what you do for them.

Giving a child this type of environment has become critical.

Structured Curriculum

The curriculum will be structured meaning all of the things are going to be presented in an organized manner. They will receive lessons on important things where they understand what is being taught to them.

They will learn about language and how to speak with others. They will even learn how to read at times. They might even get a chance to learn how to write if the facility gives them the opportunity.

You want the care to be like this where they are also learning about what it takes to be a socialized human being.

Positive Environment

The environment will be really positive and this is because such facilities are catered to do this for the child. They will not be treated in a manner where they are scared and apprehensive all the time.

They will know this is a place where they are respected and where they can go to just have a bit of fun along with learning new things they didn’t even know about. Isn’t that what development is all about for humans.

Even adults are the same and children do this in hyper drive.

Teaching Independence

When you give the child a chance to go to such a place to learn and just become their own person, it gives their independent side a chance to develop. You want to, at least, give them some chance to become their own person.

You want them to learn who they are and how they have to react to what is going on around them. With structured places such as these facilities, you will be able to give them the support along with an opportunity to be independent and away from home for a few hours.

You are not letting them go entirely, but still they learn more about being independent.

Cultivating Spirit Of Teamwork

Your child might be living at home alone in terms of people their own age. Sure, they might go to the playground here and there to play with other children or you might call over parents with children, but that is not the same.

A consistent place where they go to interact and learn to share with people is only going to happen at a separate facility. A place where they know they have to interact and learn about teamwork from top to bottom.

You want them to be in this environment because it will help them a lot.

Providing Care

The care cannot be neglected as a benefit. The child care facility will provide ‘care’ first and that is what a child needs. They will be coming from a place where they were the center of attention and were always cared for. So, the center they will be attending has to do this for them along with providing structure. There has to be this overall balance where they don’t feel completely out of place and stuck.

They should get comfortable with who they are and where they are.

The right child care facility is a game changer because they give the child something they might never have had in the past. Some parents like the idea of letting their child stay with them until it reaches a point where they are just ready to go to school. This works for some children but most are so out of tune with how things work that they start crying and hate where they are going.

Your child does not have to deal with this because the child care facility will do everything to help support them as a person.


What Your Child Should be Learning in Preschool

Children usually attend preschool between the ages of three and five – although some children may wait to go to compulsory education until they are seven years old, depending on where they are from, and when the academic year starts compared to their date of birth.

Preschool is optional – children do not have to attend, but many parents like to send their kids there partly because it means that they are able to work during the school hours, and partly because preschool offers the child the chance to meet other children of the same age, which can help with their confidence and social development.

The way that these establishments are run can vary massively. Some kindergartens – as they are called in the US, are quite informal and are focused purely on play. However, as the child gets older they might be entered into something called Grade 0, which is a ‘mix between preschool and school’ and has the child doing more active learning tasks and focusing for longer periods of time.

A Head Start on Education

The idea for pre-schooling first surfaced in the late 18th century, when Louise Scheppler and Johann Friedrich Oberlin set up an establishment which would offer education for very young children whose parents were not able to teach them because they were themselves at work during the day. The hope was that those children would learn to read and write before they reached school age, so that mainstream schooling would be open to them.

Today, since there is a much wider mainstream schooling stream, there are more opportunities for children to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills, and there is a lot of pressure on parents to educate their children as much as possible even before they enter kindergarten. Some schools for younger children will try to engage them in learning foreign languages, learning cooking or other skills, playing musical instruments or doing arts and crafts. Others are far more relaxed.

The idea of the pre-school as a ‘play and activity’ institute is an important one. Organisations such as Montessori operate schools for kids of all age groups that are based on the idea of learning through immersive play. Instead of the child being pressured into learning a specific thing at a specific time, they are given the freedom to focus on their own interests from a very young age. Learning is facilitated because everything that is around them is educational, and the teachers help the children by providing them with what they need to pursue their interests – so they may be fascinated by cars, and from there learn science, physics and math as they explore how cars work.

Not all preschools work like this, however. Some may use organized activities and have the children watching educational TV programmes one day, dancing another, or finger painting, playing with balls, or working on writing and numeracy on other days. As long as the activities are engaging, this is a good thing, since the human brain is incredibly ‘plastic’ during the first few years, and can learn rapidly. High quality teaching at this age can really have a massive impact on a child’s academic performance – and this can last for many years. If a child finds learning fun and easy during the first few years of mainstream education, then this will help them to get settled in to school, and ensure that their academic career gets off to the best possible start.

If your child is nearing the age where they will need to go to day care, take the time to visit a few different establishments and see what you think of them. Ask what the kids do on a typical day, and see if you can speak to a few parents as well so that you can find out how the school handles issues such as bullying, or kids that are developing at a different rate – every child is different, and a good teacher will understand this and will help your child to settle in, rather than expecting them to conform to a single standard and way of behavior, whether it is the best for them or not.


Why A Daycare Business Might Be Right For You

There are many businesses that you can start that are actually very profitable that you can do from your home. Although many people think of starting a home business, one that perhaps allows them to sell products through the mail, or even over the Internet, there are better choices that can be made. If you are not the type of person that avoids personal interaction, you might want to consider starting a daycare center. This pays quite well, and you get to meet people every day that need you to take care of your children. Some of them actually make six figures every year, which clearly shows that this type of business is in demand. Depending upon how long you have done it, and the size of your facility, you can have 12 or more children at one time as long as you have someone to help. Let’s look into how this might be the best business for you, a profitable home business that you can start this year.

How To Start A Daycare Business

The first thing that you will need to do is pass a series of tests which include a background check that will determine if you are a felon or not. They will check your record thoroughly, making sure that no criminal behavior has ever been recorded, and then you will have to fill out an application so that you can do this in your state. Once you have all of the necessary paperwork and licensing, which can cost several hundred dollars, and you have been fingerprinted you will be ready to go. You will have to set up a business as you normally would, one that you will run out of your home, and then inspectors will come to your household. They will make sure that there is nothing dangerous for the children, and although this inspection is thorough, it is less invasive in comparison to being a foster parent. Once this is done, and you have been given the green light, you can start taking care of children.

How Do You Get Paid?

Payments can actually be very consistent if you are able to get parents that can qualify for benefits from the state. The state will actually pay for the cost of medical for the kids if they are hurt while under your care, and you will also receive food money for snacks. There are people that actually make five figures every month because it is possible to earn as much as $1,000 for each child that you have. This is a significant amount of money, money that you will have to pay taxes on, but it still leaves you with quite a large paycheck. For parents that do not qualify for state assistance, it is best to work with parents that definitely have a good job. You don’t want to watch children for people that are not able to pay you, and although that sounds mean, it is unbelievable how many will simply expect you to take what they give you instead of paying you the full amount.

Once you get started, you will get into the groove of welcoming the kids in the morning. You will have breakfast time, snack time, and you will feed nutritious meals, and get to know each of the children. You can actually watch kids grow up, ones that are not even your own, which is good for people that were not fortunate enough to have children. It’s a way for some people to find balance in their life, allowing them to be amidst children for the first time since their own children left, making this a very rewarding job to have. After you have passed all of the testing, and you have been doing this for a couple of years, you will certainly be glad that you did. It is one of the few rewarding professions that you can do from your home that you will benefit from, not only because of the money, but because of the relationships that you will have with these beautiful children all because you decided to start a lucrative daycare business.